Cannabis chronicles: Judea


There are documented evidences that Assyrians have used cannabis for variety of medical purposes. It was administrated orally for the treatment of impotence and depression, topically for bruises and by inhalation for a disease assumed to be arthritis. Cannabis was also used to ward off evil. Because of the geographical proximity between Assyrian and Jewish people it is unlikely that Jewish were not aware of the existence of cannabis. In the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel mentions trade with product called “pannag”. The word “pannag” and “bannag” are similar to the Sanskrit word for cannabis – “bhanga”, the Hindu “bhang” and the Persian “bang”. There are some speculations that vivid experiences in the Bible may have been descriptions of cannabis intoxication. Examples include the madness of King Saul and psychedelic versions of the prophet Ezekiel.

Cannabis was used in Jerusalem during the later stages of Roman occupation. Remains of fourteen year old girl and new born baby dated 4th century AD contained traces of burned cannabis, which led to assumption it was used during childbirth as analgesic or to aid uterine contractions. According to another theory burning cannabis could be part of burial ritual or habit amongst the indigenous people. [1]

According to another author cannabis was used in anointing oils to heal eye and skin diseases in the Bible. [2]


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