Breeder interview: N.W

This is our latest Autoflower Portal interview with our friend, team member and breeder, N.W. He has kindly agreed to answer some questions for us so our readers can learn more about him and his work


We always start with this question so you probably expect it but how did you start growing cannabis? Did you have someone who helped you at the beginning?

N.W: As a teenager I was what we now call a recreational smoker!!! Back then it was only hash that we could get and god only knows what they use to put in it. In my late teens I stop all forms of smoking and found that other thing that most use as a wind down drink… lol 

It wasn`t until about 15 or so years ago that I found cannabis again. I was on a fishing trip with a couple of friends, one of them pulled out this little bag of buds, I hadn’t smoke a cigarette in years let alone a joint. Needless to say it put on my back. lol But after the whitey subsided I found that my back didn’t feel as soar as before. I to this day don’t know what I had smoked but I was loving its effects. From then I spent the next few years looking for a similar effect form street weed, man, I smoked some crap in that time. Till one day a friend of a friend and I got talking about growing our own. The idea snowballed from there we bounced ideas of each other, we both had our share of bag seed collected. That`s where I learnt most of my grow skills, we both made lots and lots mistakes.

 Probably our readers do not know that but we know you have extensive experience growing photoperiod cannabis. There is lots of negativity about autoflowering cannabis. Why did you decide to start with autoflowering cannabis?


 N.W: When I started growing I had never heard of autoflowering cannabis, in my mind all there was, was fast finishing photoperiod. I don’t remember now what turned me on to autos, but thinking about it may of had something to do with lighting schedules, I liked the idea of 1 continuous schedule thinking that I could grow autos while vegging photos. I never put a photo into flower before it showed signs of maturity which by that time meant the plants where 7-8 weeks old and of course by that time the autos where moving towards a finish. I grew some tiny autos in the early days but it didn’t take me long to realize that I could grow two complete autoflower grows to one photoperiod and most times yield more.

Do you prefer to grow photoperiod or autoflowering cannabis?


 N.W: The short answer is both. I’m a very hands on grower I really like the versatility of photoperiod, I’ve run the same strain for a couple of years cloning from clones. The Green Crack I’m growing at the moment is a 3rd generation clone and the 4th are almost ready for flower. If pushed to pick a favourite it could be photoperiod but it would only be for this reason the ability to keep that Special plant growing. Strength, size, yield etc., in my opinion, there is very little difference.

Does autoflowering cannabis has the same qualities as photoperiod plants? What about the yield?

N.W: To be honest I now days feel more tuned into autos than phototperiod and find that there isnt really that much difference in yields, yes if I vegged a photoperiod for 8 weeks it would be bigger than an autoflower, but halve that time to 4 weeks and I find that most autos will outyield photoperiod plants. Last couple of years I have watched and grown autos that yield more than 200 grams of quality buds…

There are myths that autoflowering cannabis is not able to recover if stressed or it is less potent than photoperiods. What do you think about this?

N.W: There are Lots of myths surrounding Autoflowers and most are absolute rubbish… IMO a lot depends on how the plant was stressed if the plant was slowed by cold,  something fell on it etc. then yes,  most do recover and go on to perform well… But i find root damage is something they dont respond well too.

Have you tried to clone autos? What about topping them?

N.W: I have tried to clone autos a couple of times and was not successful… I got them to root both times but they never went on to achieve much. I have topped a few fast moving autos and they responded well to it. I have also harvested the main cola and let the satellite buds swell a little more….

 Here we will reveal another “secret” to our readers – you are a hydro grow expert. What would you recommend for people who are interested in hydro? What is the basic that they should know before they can start?


 N.W: Expert… erm I don’t consider myself an expert in anything. Yes I have grown in most forms of Hydro I’ve even Moderated on a Hydro site for a few years. Basics are pretty simple a good tote or bucket, good quality air pump and air stone/diffuser (you cant have too many bubbles) smaller bubbles the better, then you need a good PPM and pH meter. I could go on and on…

According to you what are the advantages of hydro grow?


 N.W: Optimum growth I would have to say. If you want to grow beast then hydro is for you. But mind hydro is very hands on, there is lots of checks that should be done and you really need to be on your game – No slacking. Hence my switch back to soil, I just don’t have the time to do hydro justice.

SourD Mango
SourD Mango

What are your current autoflowering crosses and do you have your favourite?


N.W: Ha-ha-ha, like most breeders my latest is my favourite – SourD Mango seems to be the jar I reach for most lately and I often mix it with Mumbling Dragon which runs a close second.

 Do you have any special breeding projects? We always spoil the surprise with such questions  :Tounge-Out: 


Lots lol… I still have a couple of Landrace Semi-auto crosses that I need to move towards Auto. The Green Crack photoperiod I have growing will also be added to the breeding program and one more I’m a little excited about involving NYCD from Soma Seeds others might disagree but IMO the best Diesels out there.

What are the most important traits that you look for when you breed new crosses?



Difficult one this, there are many different factors really. But when looking at an early stage I look for good strength and vigor and later good bud size. But the over all thing for me a niche thing so to speak is Speed. Fast finishing fat budded ladies isn’t that what we all want???… Meds in a hurry lol…

Mumbling Dragon
Mumbling Dragon

Rumours have it you have affinity to purple coloured strains. Why do you prefer them?



N.W: Because purple is my favourite colour!!! Seriously for those who don’t know purple strains are renowned as great blood circulators take Mumbling Dragon she has my heart thumping in my chest I can feel it and good blood circulation speeds recovery times.

What are the medical benefits that you are looking for in your crosses?


N.W: I suffer with an unnatural curve of the spin which radiates pain through my shoulders and down my arms which in turn causes long bouts of insomnia a vicious circle of advents that Canna helps me through.

 What is the ideal strain for you? What traits it should have?



Still trying to make that one and the underlying trait it should carry are of course great medical benefits

Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?



Yes form my font on knowledge. lol Patience is the key to most things in life same thing applies to growing in my opinion.

Thank you for your time and best of luck with your projects, cheers shareone

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