Breeder Interview: Kaos Kreationz

We would like to welcome to Autoflower Portal Kaos – Medical Cannabis breeder and founder of Kaos Kreationz.

It was a pleasure to speak with Kaos about his breeding plans and projects. 

How did you come across cannabis?

Kaos: I grew up with cannabis around me constantly. It was as normal to me as tobacco. My late grandfather was a cannabis and gun importer for a Mexican Cartel. So that brought my father and myself into that life. I was taught to roll and sell joints at 7 years old. My mother was my #1 customer until I turned 12. At the age of 20 I completely stopped living that life style due to a life changing experience.

Lemon Head

When did start growing and breeding?

Kaos: I started growing cannabis on my own when I was 10 years old, I was taught by my grandfather starting at age 8. I didn’t start actually studying and breeding cannabis until 2010 when my father was diagnosed with full blown AIDS and was told he wouldn’t live more then a year. I came across auto flowering cannabis in 2012 when I had gotten my first true medical card. They were freebies and I didn’t think much of them till they got harvested. I got a decent yield in 65 -75 days. I then decided to order some to grow speedy meds for my father and I.

Did someone help you with advices, directions about growing and breeding autoflowering cannabis?

Kaos: I learned about autos in early 2012 and learned most of what I know about them from growing and breeding them first hand, AFN and various literature I’ve found in the online cannabis community.

 Which was the most difficult part growing autos when you first start?

Kaos: The most difficult part of growing autos is understanding their feeding habits and root structure needs. As far as difficulties with breeding, it’s mostly timing the strains and keeping the proper environment. There is a lot more to it but in a nutshell that is what my difficulties were.

LEMONHEAD-2What was the first strain you decided to develop? Tell me something more about your strains. Do you have favourites?

Kaos: The very first strain I decided to develop was Maui Waui x Exodus Cheese. I have since then created a fully automatic version which I named Bender. The first auto I decided to make was LEELA, and I am so meticulous she is still in the works.  I have restarted her multiple times and I haven’t gotten the results I desire.
My favorite strain so far has to be the Violet Dreams (created by Mole Grower) or Kaos Purps. The Violet Dreamz is amazingly scented like Candy Kush but has much more potency, yield and medicinal qualities for pain. The Kaos Purps is the most beautiful plant I have ever seen and the best bed time meds I’ve ever had. These are currently being made into auto as I get my best medicine from them. My favourite auto strain as of right now is my Lemon Head. The flavour alone and mostly because it is the perfect day time med. I get no mind disorientation and I am up and moving pain free. 

Kaos Purps.

Why autos? What are their benefits compared to photoperiods?

Kaos: This is a very good question. Once I started playing with the genetics I fell in love with them, but the main reason is the higher CBD content and the speed. My father with his illness needs a lot of medicine and he needs it fast. Autos are faster then photos and can yield just as much if not more, and they don’t need as much food or medium.

Since we all now know that autos are just as potent as photos, have a higher CBD content most of the time, and grow faster with less resources needed, it just seems to be common sense to keep developing them.

What is your experience with developing fully autoflowering strain from scratch?  What do you chase in the breeding process?


Kaos: Well, to develop an auto from scratch one must have plenty of patients, skill and autoflowering genetics. I chase medicinal properties such as high THC, CBD, and Terpenoids. Second comes anthocyanin and caratenoid production. Then lastly stabilisation of phenotype while breeding down or backcrossing to gain fully autoflowering traits. Depending on what I am trying to create depends on my breeding program. Like my Leela for instance. 

Name your strains worked to fully auto please?

Kaos: Currently from scratch I have Bender and Lemon Head. Bender photo was Maui Waui photo X Exodus Cheese photo IBL 9 generations. Bender photo X (auto Cheese Candy X Super Cheese auto). Bred IBL 7 generations. It’s on its 4th generation of fully automatic.

Lemon Head auto was originally an Outlaw Haze I crossed to an AK47 auto bred down 6 generations to fully automatic. This one is on its second generation of 100% autoflowering. She’s one of my most flavourful varieties. Pure lemon rinds and sugar on most phenotypes.

You are a legal medical cannabis user – what are your ailments and how cannabis helps you? 

New Leela in developement
New Leela in developement

Kaos: I suffer from severe and chronic pain do to an issue with my ligaments being too small for my body. I have muscle spasms all the time and cramping. I’ve had to have surgery on my shoulder when I was younger because I literally through a basketball and my shoulder came out of socket and shredded my ligament. That’s when the doctors found out the reason for all my pains growing up.
Cannabis alleviates most of my pain and also stops the spasms and cramps.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

I am a passionate breeder of medical cannabis and will continue to help those in need until the day I die. I truly believe and have seen the medicinal traits of cannabis and their results. Thank you all for allowing me to continue my research within a community that shares the same passion for these plants and there medical attributes.

I am Kaos from Kaos Creationz meds and  I’m excited to be part of the family.

Thank you for you time and good luck with your projects. 

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