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Autoflower Portal Strains Catalog 2015

My dear friends, today we entered our second year.

It’s been a year of our work here and now the time for Autoflower Portal Strains Catalog has come.

Catalog with feedback from all of you – friends, testers, med users, customers and stoners  :Happy-Grin:  Priceless feedback.   

Feel free to share it.

And of course Autoflower Portal strains are available at our gift shop.

Don’t miss out our birthday promo

You can download the catalog in PDF at the bottom of the post – no email needed.

Thank you for everything, my friends.

Download Catalog

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About 25 years ago when I was serving the army I had an accident and my neck was broken. For a year I had surgeries, extensions of the spine because of damaged nerves, muscle atrophies etc. but I got lucky and was able to walk again. Since then I LIVE with daily pain and after the accident I started taking different drugs to manage the pain and was on opium/heroin for years I kicked the opium habit 17 years ago . I started breeding because I needed meds for pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression and mood lifting/energy in general. I was digging info about good medical genetics and I knew autos were my way to go – fast meds with different med qualities, opportunity for perpetual grows in small space… I believe everyone should be able to grow and breed their own medicine.

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