Autoflower Portal Photo Contest: 3 – 31 Aug 2015

Hey Friends  :Happy:

We have decided to help you unleash your creativity by organising the first Autoflower Portal Photo Contest.  :I-got-an-idea:

The idea of the photo contest is to create arty photos of Autoflower Portal strains. You can use photoshop or other software to add more colours or ornaments to your original photos. You can explore different angles, backgrounds, lenses, etc. to make the best photo shot.

Current contest will run until 31st of August 2015 when is the final deadline to submit your photos. Voting will commence on 1st of September and results will be announced shortly after 15th of September.

You will have the great opportunity to win some special limited edition feminised and regular seeds from Autoflower Portal collections :Love-Gift:

You can learn more about the contest requirements and submit your photo on the official page – Autoflower Portal Photo Contest

1. Black Stone by Castle Grown


2. Jade by CLMonkey


3. Sour Caramel by VapedAs

VapedAs SCaramel Contest Pic

4. SourD Mango by whitey


5. Black Stone by Eyes on Fire


6. Stone Dragon and Sour Lemon by Villain


7. Stone Dragon by stepside


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