Amnesia Stone99 Days 63 – 83

Topped Amnesia Stone99

  • Indoor
  • Medium: Coco
  • Pot: 3-4Ltr Regular Pot
  • Kind of training: Topped Multiple Times, Removed 1st/2nd Set, Tied Down Multiple Times.
  • Age of the plant: Days 63-83
  • Height of the plant: 16-18″
  • Temperature: 25-33*C
  • Relative humidity: 58-73%
  • Lights type and schedule: 1 of 2 plants remaining under an 8 Module  360w VIPAR LED 24/0
  • Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule:
  • 3-3.4ml/L CANNA Coco A+B
  • 2ml/L CANNA PK 13/14
  • 2ml/L AN Bud Candy
  • 2ml/L AN Big Bud
  • 2ml/L AN Bud Factor X
  • 2ml/L Bud Meister(Finished with this)
  • Cyco Flower Part C 2ml/L (Finishing up with this)
  • 1ml/L CalMag+
  • Flood to Waste every 1-3 Days
  • A 10 Day Tap Water Flush Started towards end of Blog

Growth: Cannot get enough of her, was a pleasure in Veg and a speedy transition to flower and then continued on flowering for some time. Now is just chewing up her final leaves and chunking out some main heads and their top nugget’ calyxes’ and firming up the lower stuff on her final feed received 2 Days ago, should be pretty weighty nuggets by the time I get to Flushing. I added Cyco – Flower Part C to the final 2 feeds just to give everything that final little firming up. Guessing from how things look, Rocks on a Stick

Now that the plant is about 18″ tall and  close to the LED, I’ve scored some bleaching = Albino Buds on 3 Cola tips! :In-Love:  May have only had that happen once before. And may even have been the Amnesia Stones I grew a while back, or a Moonstone ages ago… hmm too stoned to finish that train of thought ha…

Amnesia Stone99 is about 78 Days old now, no idea about that crept up on me… lol

Most of my spare time has been spent just staring at her while the long seen potential is maturing into its final stages of fruition and really enjoying the whole LED to self. The Swell last couple of days has been great.outstanding

A beautiful mix, I see the Sativa’s Amnesia Stone phenotype in there as dominant Stem/Branches, but the Nugs look a lot denser and firming up something specialjumpdrooling

Almost done, received final feed yesterday and will get Tap Water Flush as long as possible. Which might not be that long. Most leaves are yellow, yellow/green or further sucked dry perfect Found this is another good trait of the same phenotype. Lets you know when she’s just about done.

Days 63 – 66

Days 73 – 75

The Swell has really kicked in now!

On comes the FADE!

The phenotype of the Amnesia Stone in this cross is the one that really enjoys sucking the life out of the leaves when its weeks start to come to an end, even whilst on full nutrients so no worries once you see it, always test with a bit of a N boost if concerned and watch the Tips of leaves for burn. What I did have to amend was my CalMag+, halved that and those burns disappeared easy enough. :Approve:

Days 79 – 83

Love this phenotype chewing up the leaves and the flush just makes it that much more fun to watch.


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