Amethyst days 29-71

  • Strain: Amethyst
  • Medium: Roots Organics Soil
  • Pot: Bigger Girl was started in 1 gallon grow bag and transplanted into a 3 gallon fabric pot. The little girl was started in a 0.75 gallon plastic nursery pot and is staying in that one for the duration of her life.
  • Kind of training: I like them all natural so no training :)
  • Age of the plants: 29-71 days
  • Height of the plants: Purple one topped out at 12 inches and the larger white pheno topped out around 16 inches.
  • Temperature: 75F lights off 82F is the highest the temp gets.
  • Relative humidity: 34 RH when lights are on 40-47 RH with lights off
  • Lights type and schedule: 1 Area 51 rw-75 LEDS  for each and the schedule is 20/4
  • Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: No nutrients other than what was in the soil for the white pheno. The White Pheno one was transplanted into a 50/50 mix of unamended roots organic on the top half and amended “super soil” roots organic on the bottom half. The Purple Pheno has had no nutrients other than a little cal mag. I water about once every 2-3 days. The White Pheno gets about four cups of well water and the little girl gets about 1 1/2 cups of water.
  • Growth: Both the Purple and White pheno both grew very main cola dominant with little side branching. My tent was super crowded so that could have played a part in it but overall very thick and dense main colas that were very heavy.
  • Smell: The smell changed through out the grow but during every phase of growth I got a very musky/skunky/earthy scent from her. During the Trimming and harvest she had a berry undertone but once cured it has that musky/doughy type smell. The purple pheno when broken down smells very citrusy and piney but the white pheno is still musky.

JULY 27th

Day 29 for the Amethyst – things are picking up steam. I transplanted one yesterday and am still deciding if I can keep the other one. Now that the bigger one is in a bigger pot the little girl really gets no light so I’ll see how things pan out.
This is the one that got transplanted she now stand 13 inches tall and is pushing out those side branches like crazy compared to last week


Here is the smaller one in a .75 gallon pot that is just being left alone for now waiting to decide if she’s getting enough light or taking light from the other Amethyst  same age as the first one and 10 1/2 inches tall


August 5

Day 38 for the Amethysts!
Tall one (white pheno) is doing good I just realized I made a rookie mistake and mixed the super soil at half dose dunno hopefully she doesn’t mind but I see a bit of calmag defficiency I dosed her with molasses today but I’m going to get some calmg ordered for her. Stupid mistake right there!

Green Jade

Up close and personal you can fully see that the second Amethyst which is being tortured in a small pot with no nutrients is a purple pheno dancing
Who knew a Amethyst could be purple highfive
All of the calyxs are a slight purple and
I’m sure we will see it develop darker and more noticeable as she fattens up but for now I think you can still notice it.



August 12

Day 45 for the Amethyst’s a bit of deficiency on the Purple Pheno but she is getting neglected. It’s hard to tell in the pictures but she is purple. She just has so many white hairs it flushes it out in pictures. She’s around 12 inches tall


White Pheno AKA Big Girl also had a messed up leaf which I’m pretty sure is calmag but she was put in half strength soil by accident! Now sitting around 15 inches for her


August 18- Days 50-52

The White Pheno is putting most of her energy into the min cola the side branches aren’t really fattening up any but she’s doing good for he most part.


Some mixed pictures of the purple pheno and white pheno day 50-52



August 19 – Day 59

Then the purple Amethyst is just one huge donkey dick cola! I’m sure she would have branched more in a bigger pot and if given more space but I really like how she’s just one huge cola! Also she’s only in a .75 gallon pot but is going good .Seems like she’s a quicker finisher than the White pheno. She’s just maturing at this point haven’t noticed any real bud swelling lately she might be about done idk yet


White Pheno just maturing and swelling. She also is starting to show little bits of purple in her calyxs not as much as the smaller Amethyst  but it might get deeper purple later on in bloom dunno. I love purple so I’ll take it if I can get it!

August 31- Days 64-66

Purple Amethyst these pictures don’t do her justice. On my phone they are spectacular but when I upload them they no longer look the same. Her buds are like artwork with the sparkling trichome coverage over every area that you can see as well in these photos. She smells Musky and Skunky but also very sweet/berry/candy undertones in there she will probably get the chop on friday! She is almost pure cloudy with just specks of amber but thats exactly how I like them!

White Pheno has some purpling as well very slight but its there she still has a couple of weeks left in her. She does have alot of ambering on the top buds that i didnt take pictures of but she still has all white pistils thats weird huh?!

September 2 Days 66-71 Harvest

Purple Pheno got chopped on day 66 and white pheno was day 71.

Although the White pheno smelled like musk on the plant while I was chopping I got a berrylike cheese smell from her it’ll be fun to see how she smells as she dries and cures.
The main cola was super fat. It’s bigger than my forearm in length and width.
And it turns out that she is also purple just a lighter shade so I couldn’t tell as much as the other Amethyst

Purple pheno smells like musk and candy.
While I was chopping I got a strong sage odor with some sour to it though. I did find one stray seed so somehow she got hit with a spec of pollen. They are super dense some of it I couldnt even trim the leaves like I usually do because I couldn’t get inside the bud its like a rock
Can’t wait to get her dried up and cured!

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