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Strain review by FullyAutomatic: Citrus Noir

Citrus Noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: Fullyautomatic Indoor Medium: Tropic Batmix 70% coco 30%soil Nutrients: Biobizz Grow, Bloom and Shogun CalMag Lights type and schedule (indoor): Autocob 55w cob x 2, 24hr from seed Days from Seed: 80 total Harvest Points: Day 63 for the majority and day 80 for the remaining limbs Dry Yield (grams): […]

Strain review by Musturd: Citrus Noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: Musturd Medium: Roots OG amended with Roots Elemental and Worm castings in a 3 gallon pot Nutrients: SeaGrow Veg, Bloom and Hawiian Bud. Roots Ancient Amber, Botonicare Cal-Mag+ Lights type and schedule (indoor): Started under CFL then under 600HPS Days from Seed: 80-85 days Harvest Points: 10-20 percent amber Dry […]

Strain review by 912Greenskell: Citrus Noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: 912greenskell Medium: Promix HP Nutrients: Green PLanet Grow Fuel, Bloom Fuel, Terpinator, Massive, Procal, Liquid w-8 Lights type and schedule (indoor): 24/0 under a 100X3w galaxy hydro Days from Seed: 80 Harvest Points: Taken at 10% amber Dry Yield (grams): 39 Growth Comments: Grew just fine… quite the strong feeder […]

Strain review by Pyrokev: Citrus Noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: pyrokev Medium: Blended soil Nutrients: Fox Farms Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom And some Recharge Lights type and schedule (indoor): Mars Hydro Refectors 20/4 Days from Seed: 77 days Harvest Points: I usually wait till I see some amber trich’s Dry Yield (grams): 66 grams of keeper buds, I […]

Strain review by Dazed: Citrus Noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: Dazed Medium: Biobizz Allmix Nutrients: Bio Grow/Bloom/Topmax/Espom/Molasses Lights type and schedule (indoor): 18/6 Days from Seed: 75 Harvest Points: Very easy, took 30 mins max, left all sugar leaf on the bud to trim dry. Dry Yield (grams): 30g (lost 7-9 grams to mould in the bag) Growth Comments: Quite […]

Strain review by DMRides220: Citrus Noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: DMrides220 Medium: Biobizz light mix Nutrients: Biocanna Lights type and schedule (indoor): Cobs 19/5 Days from Seed: 70 Harvest Points: All cloudy trichs Dry Yield (grams): 18 grams from a half gallon pot Growth Comments: An absolute pleasure to watch these grow. Nice tall, open structure with very frosty dense […]

Strain review by Tony: Citrus Noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: Tony Medium: Ffhf Nutrients: Nector for the gods fox farm pk 13/14 silica blast Lights type and schedule (indoor): Led Days from Seed: 63, 70, 77, 84 Harvest Points: They were cloudy clear to all cloudy to some amber. Dry Yield (grams): 86 off 3 plants Growth Comments: These were […]

Strain review by Frank the Tank: Citrus Noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: Frank the Tank Medium: Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend potting soil (2 gallon pots) Nutrients: Kind Soil Lights type and schedule (indoor): LED, Mars Hydro II 1200, 24/0 Days from Seed: 60 and 76 Harvest Points: I harvested the first plant at day 60, and she had the best […]

Strain review by Rookie: Citrus Noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: Rookie Medium: Fox Farms Ocean Floor Nutrients: Fox Farms Grow Big and Big Bloom Lights type and schedule (indoor): (4) 50watt COB LED Days from Seed: 65 Dry Yield (grams): 38 grams / 46 grams Growth Comments: This was a beautiful plant to watch grow. It was also surprisingly easy. […]

Strain review by Gatorbackbob: Citrus Noir

citrus noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: Gatorbackbob Medium: Roots organics original Nutrients: Mephisto super soil amendment, bonemeal tea Lights type and schedule (indoor): 80w cob 20/4 Days from Seed: 70 Harvest Points: Harvested at day 70 Dry Yield (grams): 22 Growth Comments: Citrus Noir is a very fast growing, hungry, large strain, long branches, and pretty […]

Strain Review by Pyrokev: Citrus Noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: Pyrokev Medium: Soil Nutrients: Fox Farms at 1/2 strength Lights type and schedule: Mars Hydro Reflectors 20/4 Days from Seed: 60 days Harvest Points: I took her on the early side for me, as the buds were so dense I was afraid of getting mold. Trics were cloudy with a little bit of […]

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